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  • jamesrivard Fotoğrafı
    jamesrivard | 2 hafta önce

    Hello Guys,

    I have several (3 or 4) mobo/ram/CPU combos that I would like to put up for sale here, but want to check to ensure everything is in working order on them before I list them. I would like to know if there is a way to do a CPU burn-in test with minimal setup (nothing but the combo + PSU, KB/M, and monitor)? Perhaps maybe via Ubuntu on a USB stick? I already am doing memtest runs on a USB key to check the memory. I am trying  to avoid installing Windows. Marketing Case Study Examples are used to help you see how the past projects and scenarios were addressed to market their offering and reach new audience. EVGA x58, i7-920, 24 GB ram 1600, Asus Rampage V Formula, i7-3770K, 16 GB ram 1866, Asus A88X-PRO, A10-7850K, 16 GB ram 1866,  Gigabyte A88X-something, A6-something, 8GB ram-something (mostly concerned about this one).