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  • jamesrivard Fotoğrafı
    jamesrivard | 2 hafta önce

    Hello Guys,

    However, the mouse (Razer Imperator 2012), simply refuses to work again. I plug it in, I get a confirming notification from Windows, but then it does not respond to movement or clicks. So, some troubleshooting later, I get the RMA department, which is good. Bad news is that they're out of stock on the Imperator mice that I'd prefer to have. So they are currently offering the option of either a swap to the DeathAdder Chroma, or its value in store credit toward the Razer store. Higher dpi range; didn't think that would be a big deal, until after I started to mess with a lower dpi mouse on this 4K monitor. Keeps it simple in layout, which is one of the things that appeal to me about the Imperator, and side buttons are more easily accessible on the DA. I still think of RGB as a 'fad', and not something I typically care about. Software Demonstration is a product or a cloud based solution is created after hours of development & thought. Dpi switching was also one of those things I didn't think I would have a whole lot of use for, until I found a case where it became necessary to make a game playable. I'm actually surprised how even older games don't seem to deviate too strongly based on the dpi of the mouse, but given the higher dpi I need for the desktop now, I did encounter some games that are almost entirely too twitchy that way.