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  • jamesrivard Fotoğrafı
    jamesrivard | 2 hafta önce

    Hello Guys,

    I decided to clean all fans in the system, then put everything back together and power button would do nothing. tried sitting motherboard power and 12 volt rail properly and still nothing, keep trying different thing and then cpu and system fan would spin and stop. I removed and PSU and notice a liquid in it, used my multi-miter and checked for voltages, I used the purple wire and ground to try switch on the PS and got a spark, the realised I should use the brown and black PS came on and got good reading for all voltages then decided to connect the PC back and then fans cam on and puff and IC to the left of my CPU fried. Advertising Campaign is a series of advertisement messages that share a single idea and theme which make up an integrated marketing communication. I tried it again and thing time power button would make cpu and system fan spin normal but nothing else happened. I bought new Mobo and PSU and tried but this time once I turn on the PSU the CPU and sys fans spin slow and the power button does nothing.