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  • jamesrivard Fotoğrafı
    jamesrivard | 2 ay önce

    Hello Guys,

    The problem is my computer does not display anything for 5 minutes after I push the power button but the power led glows. After 5 minutes of waiting the display shows the motherboard logo flash screen for like 5 seconds. And then windows 10 boots and the it works superb no problem at all everything works fine. Corporate Video With Animation using mainly to promote their brand or product that is often considered its main usage. Except that the problem now is the rear panel does not work. It was working the previous day. The ps2 keyboard and rear USB ports are not working but the audio jack works. So I can't boot into the bios. I'm using the computer with USB keyboard and mouse via the front USB panel which hopefully works! But that takes two and I don't have any other port to connect other devices.