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  • jamesrivard Fotoğrafı
    jamesrivard | 2 hafta önce

    Hello Guys,

    Having real issues printing from my PC.I actually did a fresh install and that didn't work.HP have sent me another brand new printer and I'm having the same issues.The printer I have is a HP officejet 4658.I can "airprint" ok from my iphone but my pc will just not recognise my PC wirelessly or through the usb.All my usb ports work fine.When I plug in the printer initially the pc does its own little setup and in the end it states the printer is installed.I look into my "add printer" setup and it shows the printer but states "driver unavailable".I now install the drivers from the HP website and follow the instructions but when it gets to the part of connecting the usb lead the computer doesn't see it. Online Video Marketing Intro is widely used in a great way to capture attention in a short time. When I do a wireless setup with the same software again the computer doesn't see it.This is driving me mad because prior to my resetting the PC it was actually working WITHOUT having to install the HP software.The initial plugging it in to my pc installed the software I needed for usb printing.My pc is working fine.Its a brand new build and like I said this printer did work before.